Saturday, October 8, 2011

Body modifications pt. 2

So. As I think I said recently, I have always a huge interest in body mods. Be it that I only have one simple earring in each ear and the closest to tattoos I ever had was using body gel pens on my arms when I was younger, I have none. Thing is, it isn't at all uncommon nowadays to find people, primarily youngsters, in my city and probably all over the USA with lip, eyebrow, and gauge piercings. That's great. It means it's becoming more acceptable to have them even if you aren't part of a subculture. Thing is, that also means getting a body mod now for me would mean it's almost like doing what everyone else is doing, even though I've always wanted them. Sure, my mom and brother know otherwise, but no one else would. My mother has told me, however, that doing so would seem so. And that's what really ticks me off.

Hey, it isn't my fault my mom would never let me have anything more than two earrings until now. Yeah, yeah, I'm nineteen. I'm getting them anyway, even though my mom said not to until after she dies. Yeeaaaah, like that's going to happen.

Annoying whining is over. Yes.

In other news, I've finally put a picture of myself up on my Blogger profile. It's from a failed video trial I did. It looks like a good quality picture because I made it smaller. I'm not hiding my mouth on purpose. There's nothing to hide.

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