Friday, October 14, 2011

Drastic measures

Sort of.

Guess what? I cut my hair (well, technically my mom gave me a buzz cut). All of it. It's allll gone. :D Why am I happy? Long story. Not in the mood to explain it. Now I really want to start getting some fake piercings. So the next time I get some money, I'm going to have to put half of it aside and put the rest into a savings bank or something. A stash somewhere...Has anyone bought fake piercings? I'm thinking of buying from Body Jewellery Shop from the UK or Body Jewelry Factory...from...uh...the US? Anyone bought from either or recommend a place?

Or...trial and error works, too, I guess...Ouch...

I'm somewhat in a good mood, even though I've been sick all week and couldn't go to school. I don't know what this is. Allergies? Or just a common cold? I even missed therapy...

Also I'm still trying to figure out how to merge or separate all of my accounts and whatnot. Of course, having permanent internet access would help, so I'm going to have to wait before I can really work on it. I have no idea when I'll be doing another video...and...might upload it somewhere else. Not sure. Maybe. Maybe not...*sigh*

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