Monday, April 2, 2012

Contemplating covering

So my new discovery has me more willing to "feel male" when it hits me. Not sure how to go about it, though...

This is just one more reason why I want to uncover. There's no way I can do want I want to do wearing something that just SCREAMS "female!" and I have to wear all the time. Androgynous or masculine or feminine. Never Do you get what I'm trying to say...?

Also, I can't thank those who gave me encouraging words enough. It means a lot to me, really. I feel more accepted as myself. It's very comforting to know there are people who won't look at me by my religion, but who I am as a person. That's all I want.

I'm in school right now and have to go in a few minutes, but I'm going to touch up what I've decided within the past hours when I leave my last class.

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