Friday, April 27, 2012

Guess what came in the mail~!

After a strenuous and studious day at school yesterday, I arrived home to find a package waiting for me on my bed. My mom told was my corset I ordered from Corsets-UK!!

Me first corset~!!
I got it for less than $50...$45, in fact; free shipping! And it wasn't expected to come until May 16th or something ridiculous like that, but it came YESTERDAY!! Oh, man. It's so legit. Weighty, you know...and soooo beautiful. It's unbelievably REAL! I'm wearing it right now. I can only wear it at night, unfortunately, know. How the hell would I explain it to my dad...?

I do have a few worries, but I think it's just my body. I messed up my insides pretty badly, you know. My kidneys are probably in a bad shape...and...well, I probably shouldn't even be wearing this yet; give my body some time to heal from the shit I did to it, y'know what I mean? But I can't resist....!!! Wore it to bed last night and stood/sat upright effortlessly all day with it off. Awesome.

So. I would post more pics....but...there's not much to show. The second one I took literally looks similar to the first.

Soooo happpyyyyyyy....

And I watched my favorite Beetlejuice scenes today. About...five times. *Ahem* Yes. I am happy. Started watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, but...had to stop since my dad came home. *Sigh* Oh, WAIT!! I can watch my DVDs on my laptop!!!


Quoth the lyrics flowing through my ears at this very moment, "It's Friday, I'm in love"~!

...This is new...


  1. There are few joys that compare to getting a new corset! It looks lovely! And it should not be harmful to your body. Only waist training corsets alter the body and that is with proper waist training. Even then, if done properly should not be too harmful. *Sigh* I miss making corsets.

  2. I looove getting new corsets. It looks gorgeous! I agree with Dismantlynn, it shouldn't be harmful at all.