Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fuck this and fuck everything

I want body mods. Why? I just do! I find them so damn beautiful. I think I've talked about body modification before, but I want to be a bit to say it...cohesive about it this time.

As I said once, I've thought about having mods for a very long time, but only within the year or so actually did research on them. What I've seen has both excited, fascinated, encouraged, and also worried me. The only things I truly worry about are getting it done by an acclaimed, legitimate professional and...the care. I'm not going to worry about the price anymore because hopefully by the time all is said and done, I will have the money to get said mods.

And now to talk about the conflicts I have about them.

So where to start...?

Oh, yes. In general, Muslims aren't allowed to change, alter, mutate or interfere with ones body. So that means...ALL of the things I've dreamed of doing can't be done!


You know what, fuck this. I was going to go on about this but I have to stop. I feel as if I'm going to have a mental breakdown if I continue reading anymore about what is forbidden in Islam, a.k.a. things I want to do, dream of doing, and...

Fuck this...

...And my Muslim community wonders why I don't want to be around them anymore...


  1. I know what you mean.. I have a Muslim friend (she's a rebel, burlesque performer and feminist) and she has tattoos.

    All of her Muslim friends give her shit about it. But she wanted the tattoos, she did what she wanted. She didn't care what anyone else said or thought about her.. and she's happy.
    I respect her for that!

    Maybe, once you move out of the house, you could do it? :) x stay true to yourself.

  2. Hey, I was reading this an it made me think about this Muslim Goth on you-tube that I follow. She has a video or so justifying her piercings and lifestyle. I thought that might be helpful.

    Mostly in the beginning of "Q&A: Part two ♥ Me and Islam".