Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's talk hair

As of now, I am bald. Hair maintenance is quite hindering in my current situation and mindset, so it was the best thing to do. Feels good. Looks nice for me, fortunately. However, in the future, hopefully once all of this adolescent drama is a thing of the past, I hope to let my hair grow back.

Here are a few hairstyles that I drool over used by:

Anna Varney Cantodea (Sopor Aeternus)

Found on Google

Rotny Ford of Psyclon Nine
Found on Google

Rotny's hairstyle is more what I'd want now, whereas Ms. Cantodea's is more what I really want when I get older. But both are so very much adored...but I don't know what the styles are called, if they have names, and I have no idea how to begin with my head already shaved! Maybe let my hair grow in the front and back only...? Have a little afro grow and then twist and whatnot until I have locks again (had them previously)?

And about my much as the idea of shaving them off sounds tempting as well...I think I'll just thread/wax them a bit instead...eventually...

...Input, anyone...?


  1. I think dark-skinned women look beautiful with a shaved head. If I shaved mine, I'd just look like I was going through chemo. Plus, the back of my head is flat! >oh dear<

    I find that the eyebrows thing is a slippery slope. First you just do a little grooming, then you do a little sculpting, and before you know it, there's a blank canvas, waiting for elaborate arched eyeliner brows.

    It's just hair. It grows back. Have fun with it.

  2. Sopor Aeternus's hair has always reminded me of a more mature version of Pushba's hair. (Pushba is a Russian Gothic mother who has a popular blog. Try google imaging her.)

    Rotny Ford's hair style looks to me to be a Mohawk he dreaded and overtime combined the locks cause they were getting to long.A Mohawk would look really nice on you. They leave room for lots of styling options and they are not to masculine or feminine so they work with several looks. Alternative model Amanda Tea has one and she does different stuff with it.

    As for the eyebrows, TanteFledermaus is right. Trimming and shaving your eyebrows is addictive. I shave the outside half of mine and pencil it to add different arches. But you can always cover your eyebrows with eyebrow wax or a glue stick and makeup (old drag queen trick) and draw over that if you don't want to bother with shaving them.

  3. I agree with what TanteFledermaus said. If I shaved my hair .. oh goodness. And I have been tempted to shave it all off due to the frustration. I will go ahead and say that I dyed my own hair black, but the natural brown is peeking out in a lot of places, and the tips are purple. It looks half-tacky, half-cool. My friends love it, at least :-P

    And I do believe that there are some women who can really rock the bald look. I'm sure you do :-)

  4. Some days I'm just like FUCK YOU EYEBROWS I WANT TO REMOVE YOU PERMANENTLY but other than that, I'm pretty regular. I like to play with curls the most! But straight-cut fringe (bangs) and long rest is my most flattering style.

    Oh. Yeah. I just colour my hair. XD I am purple now. When I can afford it I want to go back to blonde.