Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of body modification

I've mentioned body modification a few times in the past. This time, due to a request of sorts from a very nice reviewer, and my own desire to simply talk about it...this time, I'll touch upon the subject with greater detail...and I mean it this time.

For as long as I can recall when body modification comes up in mind, I always wanted them done. Tattoos...tongue piercing...dying hair...pointing ears...etc, etc...and only within the past two years or so have I become serious about it. I love body mods. I really do. Love the way they look, love what they do to the body, love how they look on a body...but I will admit, I'm scared shitless about getting them done.

Why, you ask? Because I don't know where I could possibly go to get them done by a professional! Yes, absolutely, there are plenty of people in my school who have piercings. But they either did it themselves or got it done from a place called Studio Zee, a rather local piercing and tattoo place. Or so I've been told. I've never seen it.

But that's not going to stop me! Of course, price is the number one thing keeping me from getting them done. That and...getting away with having it. So, like many other things, I will have to keep on truckin' until I get away from home...

As for how piercings are perceived in Muslim society...? Very poorly. Nose piercings and simple lobe piercings are about as far as anyone seems to go. Placing piercings anywhere else is considered devious, not the good type, and "following non-believers", which is oh-so taboo. Since Muslims aren't supposed to alter or "deform" their body, wanting my ears pointed is also a huge no-no. And so is getting a tattoo. Pretty much anything even remotely related to body modification is a great, huge "No". As for why normal nose and lobe piercings aren't looked down upon, my guess is because it was done 1400 years ago, when everything started, so it's nothing "new". Granted, there are plenty of cultural things looked down upon, but for some reason, those two aren't, whether they originally be cultural or not.

Obviously, I haven't done much research for this post. I don't find it necessary, as I'm sure I just summed it up top "No, body modification is not allowed". But is that going to stop me from doing so in the (near?) future? Like my gender identity and lifestyle, it's not going to stop me from being me.

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The real reason I do what I do, or hopefully will do, is simple. I simply refuse to obey something that makes no sense to me. So I'm human; I have a difficult time blindly following something, no matter what it's source, if I can't understand the reasons why. Yes, I do consider myself a Muslim amiss all of the things I'm not doing or not doing enough of. I hope and pray things will improve, but I'm not going to force things on myself, especially since I don't feel comfortable doing them right now.

So all of this about body modification? I don't at all see how this has anything to do with you being a Muslim, or a follower of any religion, because isn't what should matter how you present yourself? What you believe in? Why should the clothes you wear or what's on your skin judge you going to heaven or hell...? Damned? Me?


Honestly, I haven't gone out and about in my community in a very long time, the last time probably being November, so I don't have much to say about how my community reacts to my style....other than shock, stares and questions. I was interrogated in November as well. That time wasn't too bad, since there were just questions that I believe I answered very well. But so much has happened since then...I have no idea what would happen if I were to make a reappearance...

...I also think there is someone in my community who has read this blog and might know about my being genderqueer/bigender. So...I wonder what would happen...? Unfortunately, my community has it's gossipers.

Yes. Gossipers. Believe me, Muslim communities have their own problems...


  1. As the child of a dentist, let me say this- oral piercings (especially tongue) can damage teeth. Clicking the ball on the back of your teeth can chip them, and dental repair bills are heinous.

    That said, my ears and nose are all pokefied, and I have two tattoos, one constantly visible. I'm not against mods, I'm against dental problems.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Don't worry about the gossipers. You and God/Allah know who you are, and that's all that matters. If those people are going to judge you for something you can't help, so be it. Religion shouldn't be about one's appearance, gender, or sexual orientation (or lack thereof).

  3. I did a similar post about body mods, tattoos, and being Christian.

    This reminds me of a verse I read in my Bible about people judging the outside and how God looks at the heart. I sometimes have a hard time with that one, remembering that people will be people and I shouldn't bother with their issues.

    Good post. :)