Friday, March 18, 2011

Black Communities...


It seems as if there aren't any online communities for African Americans interested or in the gothic fashion/style/lifestyles. There were, but they've been taken down or are horribly inactive and have been for years now. How sad. Yet there is a quote-on-quote "Gothic Lolita" community for African Americans on LiveJournal. It should really be called a simple African American lolita community, because...more than half of the lolitas there...are not gothic lolita. Saw about three, to be honest. Also, "lolita" is a broader term, since "Gothic Lolita" made my heart jump out of my chest...only to click on it and be severely disappointed. Damn false advertising.

The second I get the chance, I'm going to create an online community for African Americans interested in anything related to the gothic styles, meaning steampunk (the darker steampunk, that is), cybergoth, industrial, elegant gothic aristocrat, gothic lolita, etc. But where should it be...? Blogspot...or LiveJournal...? Certainly not on Wordpress. Hm. I think Blogger/Blogspot. I'm quite sure you can login using your usernames from Wordpress and LiveJournal, so it works better that way...I think...

To quote something said online by an African American gothic lolita (or was it a goth?) that I find funny as all get out:
"I'm so goth, I was born black."
You gothier-than-thou (or so-outrageously-anti-gothier-than-thou-I-can't-take-a-joke) lovelies might not appreciate this. But it's a great way to disarm idiots who think African Americans can't be goths, too. So use it. When necessary, that is.

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