Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good ol' thrift stores pt. 2

I've been back for a while, actually. My older brother was just using my laptop, is all. I should be going to bed, but...I don't really have to go anywhere tomorrow until 2:00 PM. It's just...scheduling, you see. It's good to stick to a schedule, even if you don't have to do something early or other...

So. Aunty took me to Conway (I KNEW it was still there, damn you Google maps!) and another place called Rainbow right next to it. Hmm. I never knew that place was a discount store as well...Unfortunately, my beloved TJ Maxx wasn't there anymore! I wonder what they're going to make in its place...

Honestly...Rainbow...sucked. Sure, I saw a few great tops, as I did in every store. Good shirts are easy to find and it's always good to jump on the long-sleeved shirts they have now since it's still around winter/springtime/autumn weather. As for pants...Huh. Saw nice leggings...I did. Shame I didn't get them, and same with Conway. But...pants. My goodness. First of all, they were all tight-ass, skinnyleg pants. You know my gripes with those. And second, the shirts. I don't know if I was in the wrong section or WHAT but most shirts there were size...1-5. I didn't even friggin' know they had a size 1.
Definitely giving that one three stars out of five. (I made stars, too, but they're too big, damnit...)

Of course good ol' Conway made everything right! Two pairs of rockin' pants that oh, I wish I had a camera to take pictures of. Pretty simple, they are, actually, just the way I like 'em. One was going for $9.99 and the other $6.99. Nice prices. I seem to wear size 11 and 12. Though...the pants from earlier are...size 8. Confusing, confusing. But Aunty showed me an AWESOME way to figure out how to estimate if pants will fit. Hold the pants by their tops and place the very edge at the far side of your waist, not your hip; where your arms would be if you let them slack. If the other side doesn't reach the, well, other side of your waist, then the pants are too small. Now it doesn't have to be perfect. But at least right above were your hipbone would be, so align it.
At worked for me...
*Sigh* Pictures, how I'd love thee...
Also, the tops. Ooh~ how I love the shirts Conway carries! So manysomanysomany and so many that looked a bit like blouses! Niiice!

Super Salvation Army Thrift Store
Located on Dixwell, same as Conway and Rainbow, I can't count how many times I've passed this place with my family and never gave it a second glance. I have to say after yesterday (as it just became 12:00 *ahem*), I will never ignore a thrift store again.
At this wonderful, wonderful place...I only found two things. One gilet-esque shirt, isn't that great, but perfect for when I go skating. My old shalwar falling appart...This shirt will do better. It covers m'bum, at least. So I can wear my corset-esque pants with them...I think...? The other article I found were...capri-legnth flare pants! I don't know what else to call them nor do I know what they're called! (Damn grammar!) At last...I've always wanted pants like these...They're a little color-worn, but they'll do great!
Don't remember how much those cost, unfortunately...
This place isn't joking. It's friggin' HUGE.

View Larger Map

I mean look at that! I don't know if this embedded map really works, I have to lower the view a little, but that whole space there from where the white...ish...truck? parked on the right to the vehicle parked "behind" the sign is the whole store! It's wonderfully huge! And about four changing rooms. Not wonderful, those changing rooms, but they'll do. No one bothered me.
Good ol' thrift stores~!

The Salvation Army, Crown Street
This was the first Salvation Army store Aunty and I went into earlier yesterday.

View Larger Map

Again, it seems like I have to lower the view a little...but..This SA I always wanted to go into. I can't believe I never did until yesterday. I got my rockin' corset-esque pants there! AUW! And it's perfectly within walking distance. It's about halfway to the library from my house. Not sure how far that is...*checks Google Maps* 0.2 miles...Not sure how far that is, exactly, aside from...321 meters...*blinks* Google is amazing.

I pardon all of the map spam. If it's too much, I'll take it down and just explain it, if possible...They say pictures are better than words, after all...sort of...*doesn't have her own pictures, anyways*.

So. Thus concludes my first major shopping day since...sometime last year. July, I think it was. It was a...wonderful treat. I can't thank Aunty enough. And now, I should go to bed. It's going to be 1:00 AM in about 30 minutes...

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