Monday, March 14, 2011

Stage Two

Yo, ev'ryone of the blogging world. This is my first Blogger blog, as I've had one on LiveJournal for a while, now. I don't quite like what I've done with that blog, though...I have to change it, sometime...

This blog will contain my rants, opinions, however immature or cruel they seem, mischievous doings, thoughts, likes, dislikes, and chronicle my journey to my ultimate dream. Amiss the fact that I've known of subcultures for years, I suppose you could say I'm either a three-year-old or four-year-old babybat. I love the music, I love the style, and I love everything gothic, but you'd never notice unless you heard my opinions on certain topics...and the music I listen to...and the things I write...etc, etc.

At a distance, I look absolutely harmless; a Muslima who likes to wear black and usually wears arm warmers and silver rings...but you have no idea of the dark, deep, devious and dangerous things going on in my mind...

This is "stage two" because my "stage one" was back in 2007 through 2008 when I did research on the subculture I love and feel a part of the most: the goth subculture. The research I do now is all part of the other stages...but I am way past stage one.

To all who read this, I want you to know that I'm just being honest with myself, here. I've had to deal with being afraid to be the real me in my community my whole life up until now and I'm not going to do that anymore. I know where my head is at, I know what I'm doing, no matter how bizarre and daring it is, and I'm still a Muslim.

To begin: Stage Two. Welcome to A Dark Mind in Dark Times.

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