Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of Lolitas & Fake Crap

S'been a few days. Nothing much has changed, really. More observations...but nothing I feel I need to rant about. Well...sort of.

First of all, I'm so confused with my lolita interest. When I take a step back and look at it, it is not my style at all. Aristocrat is. Lolita? HELL no. I don't and never liked short dresses. Sure some lolita dresses are long and sure there are nice short dresses I don't mind, even to wear, but...no way. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a short lolita dress. I have a short dress that comes a little below my knees, but (damnit, I wish I had a picture) dresses like those are the only exception. Long, flowing gowns and dresses are my sort of thing. So. No lolita, as much as a part of me that I thought died when I was ten wants me to. Hm. Sorry. But no. Also, I'm sick and tired of all of the bullcrap I come upon trying to find lolita clothing that suit my tastes and just finding the clothes, period. It's much easier to stick with aristocrat. OY, the headache, I tell you...

Maybe once, Inshallah, I create my own clothes in the future...but now...? *Scoff*

A few things I've realized with girls interested in lolita, especially African Americans (all my own observation and also, my own opinion):
  • Most girls stick with sweet or near-sweet casual lolita, deco lolita, casual lolita, classic lolita, or sailor lolita.
  • About two or three girls whose blogs I've looked at, and many but not all miscellaneous others, who claim to dress gothic lolita don't anymore or...don't really dress gothic lolita. They're more...casual/classic and kuro lolita. I find that...interesting...
  • Wigs. WIGS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I HATE WIGS. All the time, that is. Many girls look much better with their own real hair, even if it's short or *AHEM* curly as all get-out, like many African Americans'. I've seen gorgeous wigs, believe me, and I like the look...BUT WIGS!? What is with people nowadays and all of the FAKE crap?! And many who try the wig look simply put on the damn wrong sort of wig. Platinum blond or creepy-ass pink on a dark-skinned person really only works in cartoons, people.
  • ...Prints. I think I went there already...*SHUDDER*
There might be more, but this is all off the top of my head right now. I needed to get that out.

And about said "fake crap" I mentioned...Let me tell something to you. It's really just the wigs I have a problem with. Fake eyelashes...Eh. I'm so-so about those. I love fake eyelashes and would love to have them, myself, but...only when they're necessary, like a photoshoot or a special occasion. Every day? NEVER. Not necessary. Wigs? Never in my life. Unless I were to go bald? Still not, maybe, unless my head simply isn't made for the bald look. I rather like the bald look on women and girls, to be completely honest. I just...do. Nothing about it. And...nails. Here's the thing about fake nails. I'm a Muslim, obviously, so nail polish is okay to wear, but best to wear when a woman is on her period. You see, nail polish covers the nail, so water can't get on the nail when you make wudu, or wash your body before praying. So fake nails would be much more sufficient, as you could simply remove the nail and be done with it instead of having to remove the nail polish, blah, blah, blah. I'd only wear fake nails when not on my period.

Nails...eyelashes...wigs...Oh, yeah.

Contacts. Same with the eyelashes. End of conversation.

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