Monday, March 28, 2011


Aunty took me out again yesterday~! This was my first time being at Savers, which is located on the Boston Post. Unfortunately, Aunty didn't know what time Savers closed on Sundays, so we ended up only having about thirty minutes to look for clothes. Mind you, thirty minutes to go shopping for clothes? HA! That's a joke. Thirty minutes and I only found one dress...shirt. It really is a dress, but I'd wear it as a shirt. It's not even black...sort of a very dark, near-black purple or sanguine color. I like it. It even has strings on the back, like a corset!

I do have a pretty good eye *ka-chin~!*. Hm hm~

SO! Adding Savers to my list of good stores within bus/walking distance. Did I mention Savers is HUGE? Bigger than the Super Salvation Army?? Yeah. So it has plenty of changing rooms. That place is my savior~

Thank you, Aunty!!

Also, my Dad bought me a black and silver jacket! It might be too thin to wear on a day like today, where the weather is in the thirties right now, but it worked fine yesterday, which was in the forties! So I might be able to wear it...later today. I hope to have a lot planned. Today I hope to travel to the Salvation Army on Crown and...maybe the Super Salvation Army again. On my own. By bus. I hope to buy at least one thing; what I really need are new reading glasses, a new hijab or...three...stockings, and shoes. So...Conway, too, I guess. It's closer than the SSA, that's for sure. Hm. I'm just a bit concerned about the distance...I've never been that far away from home on my own before. At least when walking. So...I can probably do it, sure. I know the area and have a cell phone to call for transportation (which would be in the case of an emergency, anyway) and the bus schedule. I could always randomly call the CT Transit while in the store to find out...Oh...

...Does the bus even go to the...

Oh, sh— Naw. Never mind. I'll just go to the two closest thrift stores, which are on Chapel and Crown. Hells, no, that's too far away, Dixwell...Too far away...

It's fairly early, so I have some time and finish this letter to my mom.

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