Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where I buy shit

From 2009 - present.

To be honest, I am not a shopaholic. I do enjoy shopping, oh, yes I do, but I like to have what I need and then be done with it all. Anything else I budget very carefully. When I don't have what I need is the only time you'll find me looking up stores and wondering how long an article of clothing/etc. I need (not really want) will be up/for sale/available for hours on end.

I've never bought from a store online, even though I have about...oh...100 online stores from around the world in a Google document. But in the "real world", I like to buy clothes from three places I call my besties: TJ Maxx, AJ Wright and Conways. Fortunately, they are all located on Dixwell Avenue, which is a comfortable bus ride away from where I live. Sure, it'd be best go travel there when you have a car (how else will you lug around all of those bags?), but...a bus won't kill you. I've seen many people ride a bus when they're lugging around a handful of bags.

TJ Maxx
The clothes you can find there! I've seen plenty of articles of clothing and accessories that can be considered gothic, though, just a little note, I found a gorgeous gothic necklace unlike anything I'd ever seen (even online) at Target. I still beat myself up over the fact that I didn't buy it.

AJ Wright
AJ Wright could be TJ Maxx's twin. It was the first of these three stores I ever went into. Back then, I was going for sportswear. Last year, I bought a black skirt with an attached mock-belt with a silver ring on it and a classic, large pair of silver and black headphones that I love deathly. That's another thing; these stores tend to have more than just bargain clothes. Take advantage of whatever they have!

Now, Conway is in a league of its own. Talk about stylish? YEAH, stylish. Beautiful long-sleeved shirts...jackets...I couldn't find long-sleeved shirts anywhere else during the spring/summer of last year, but I found them at Conway~ I was thrilled. I like wearing long-sleeves, you see, all year 'round. I even obtained the perfect belt for my waist, as I can't wear normal belts that have set sizes. I have to have the sort that have holes in them for any size. The only thing I will say about the Conway on Dixwell is...it seemed very...empty. At least it did when I was there. A bit disorganized in the back; things were falling off the shelves. Oh, but still a great place for discount clothing made from very good, very comfortable material.

Eh. It's another one of those days I just don't know what to do with myself. Woke up late...was overcast a while ago...It's sunny, now, but I'm not so sure I want to go the library. No reason to, really. Not anymore...
Oh, yes. I remember now. I have to organize my room.

Ah, well.

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