Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aristo vs. Loli

I was thinkin', I was thinkin'...and I'm happy.

Never even worn the style and I've grown out of it. Sayonara, lolita style~! There's plenty of reason behind my decision. It might even seem a bit harsh. But I'm damn happy I never really got into it! Man, oh, man...

First, what is it about lolita I found interesting? Hm. The dresses, maybe. The overall silhouette, when it was done right. Never liked the poof-poof, though.

Ugh, ugh, ugh!

I always thought a-line dresses to be much more appealing and so much more practical!

Ahh~  Better.

So, yes. I liked and still like the overall *ahem* a-line lolita silhouettes, but...

What is it I like about the aristocrat style? Pfft! EVERYTHING! You see, as I read online (don't remember where) as well as simply knowing, aristocrat is the adult version of a lolita and a kodona. The women are called, well, aristocrats, from what I know, and the men are called "dandy", which I think is...not the best term, and better known as "ouji", which means "prince". Eh. Whatever. But kodona is definitely a younger version of the two. Aristocrat...What does the word mean? The word alone makes one thing of elegant, proper and mature adults of the 18th century and whatnot, eh? I know it does to me.

A male aristocrat, left, near a classic lolita. From Wikipedia.

Elegance...sophisticaiton...maturity...things you don't often see with most lolitas, who try to be "sweet" and "childish". I wouldn't say childish if I hadn't seen it myself, okay? The thought of that annoys me...way too much. Childish...The hell did that come from? When I pictured lolita, I always saw it as doll-like, delicate and elegant, not CHILDISH. The fuck with the pat-a-cake games and singing ring around the rosie, you nuts!? CHILDISH! Now, don't mind me if that's what you actually want to do, but JEEZE, man. It totally shattered my imagery of lolita. What a turn-off.

Now, I'm not saying I don't acknowledge the more mature lolita styles...*ahemthatnotmanyseemtowearahem COUGH*. It's just...if I was going to put in all that effort to wear the more mature lolita styles, I might as well have my inner lolita grow up and become an aristocrat. It's much more practical...

Again, going into lolita and childishness. How is lolita, or what you usually see of lolita, not practical? Well, let's see...Most lolitas dress all decked out in deco and sweet, so much you might as well think they've got a rainbow colored cloud droppin' rainbow colored or pink-colored rain directly on them. Then come the complaints of being called "bo-peep", a prostitute and whateverthefuck. It's not because you're dressing lolita, I think, most of the time. Sure, I might be a little bit prejudice because I'd wear the dark(est) styles, but think about it. The media many-a-times portrays scantilly clad women usually in childish clothes like lolita and doing such childish things like...pat-a-cake...because it's...twistedly attractive to men. Some, of course, not all, but some of the worst, as we all know. If one were to wear aristocrat, however...the odds are you'd most likely be associated with, well, more mature-looking and less perverted styles and the like.

It just makes sense to me.

Would I test this theory and dress lolita instead of my already long, alike-gothic clothes? Hell no. You keep to yours, and I keeps to mine. But it's all about the imagery, you know.

Will wearing more mature styles completely keep one from being targeted? Fuck no. A girl was killed in 2007 just because she dressed in the gothic fashion. Kicked to death. Horrible. Fucking bastards who did that to her and her boyfriend...their families...
So as we all know, dressing different, especially in the alternative subcultures, will make anyone a target to anyone who is that fucked up in the head.


Aristocrat for the world.

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