Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Interests

Hmm hmm! Found a new site called NAILS Magazine. It reminded me of two things that I've always...well, one that I've always been interested in and another that...I tried not to get into, but heck with it. I'm interested. Those two things are...henna designs (or body art in general) and nail art.

And not those horribly long nails. The ones above and shorter are perfect size for me. And for dramatic occasion, the pointy ones~ Stilettos, methinks they're called.

So. I suppose this could all be summed up as body art, really. Naturally, the things I'm referring to along with are...personifying it...making it...dark. Enigmatic. Just the way I like my coffee and men (MAN does that sound wrong...??). I've always liked making symbols and whatnot...and that might, in fact, be easier than trying to draw something else. Those something else being things that I'm currently not very...patient enough to work at *AHEM*. Sloth. And nail art? That'll take some time to get good at, but it still seems a bit easier than drawing...those other somethings...and practicing symbols and whatnot will probably help at least a little bit in the long run.

Perfecting my symbols and whatnot will also help with eye designs for makeup. But why just stop at eyes, feet, hands and nails? Why not navel, lips, cheeks, forehead, arms, and legs? Hm hm hm~?

Another something(s) to add to my endless list of Things I Hope to Perfect One Day & Etc. Lovely.

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