Saturday, August 13, 2011


And I am this much closer to corrupting you all! *Maniacal laughter* Bowahaha!

Thanks, everyone! To congratulate, I shall...


Well, there really isn't much I can do, aside from give everyone virtual hugs. *HUGS* :D

I started working on the second part of this fanfic I've been working on since...last year...under one of my *ahem* "aliases". I'd give you the link to the first part, but then you'd know who I am. Pfft. "What's the point of telling us" is probably what you're thinking, right? Well, in the (near) future, I will divulge all of my...*ahem*..."aliases" to ze world, but I'm not ready. I'm not sure how they'll be taken since...*ahem*...well, that's a long story for another time. *Deadpan*

I'm feeling particularly out of it today, even though I managed to wake up at about noontime. *Sigh* There's so much I have to do, so much I've neglected and it's really not going to do me any good, especially since it deals with me getting financial support, which I desperately need. It doesn't help that there was no One Piece this week! One Piece never fails to make me happier!!

Last chapter spread | Huge picture is huge CLICKY CLICKY!
Yes. I am a huge One Piece fangirl. Yes, I said One Piece. Yes, you know, that manga/anime you constantly see beside Naruto and Bleach that everyone who has read/watched it tries to get you into but you are very wary about because it looks "childish" and "stupid". Read One Piece's Wikipedia entry and be amazed, fellow non-believers. Be amazed. There's a lot more to OP than what meets the eye. Best manga....EVER. And the anime has made me cry too many times to count.

I'm ranting and going everywhere right now, so I shall shut up and attempt to do my homework or clean my room...while staying online. Hm. I'm going to bed.

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