Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 7

Day Seven: Ten of your favourite goth bands.

Oh, I was looking forward to this~! Since it's impossible to list my favorite bands, no matter what genre they are, I'll just list the ones and/or songs by certain bands that have been in my head for a while within the past month or two. These bands are in no particular order, I just gave them numbers so I'd know I was listing ten.

1. Katzenjammer Kabarett

I love this song so much, and the lyrics especially, that I've added it into a story of mine.

2. Schwarz Stein

Most favorite song by this band. OH GOODNESS I love these two, Kaya and Hora!

3. Clan of Xymox

Clan of Xymox has been a long-standing favorite band.

4. Paralysed Age

Another song that I believe is so fantastic, I must add it into a story. This isn't the best version of the song, but it's still really good.

5. Bella Morte

Yet another long-standing favorite band.

6. London After Midnight

Overall, pretty much the first goth band I came across, I think. Another long-standing favorite band.

7. Two Witches

IGNORE THE VIDEO. It's the only vid I could find with this song on YouTube. The video is NOT related to the song! I swear if I can find something else, I'll use it instead...

8. Type O Negative

Rest in peace, Peter Steele.

9. Diary of Dreams

...I couldn't decide which song to put up.

10. She Wants Revenge

This song...Um, you should see the comments.

I wish I could list more than 10, but I think that'll be overkill.

Seriously. There are too many bands I love. Thus these ten are constantly changing positions in my list of favorites. Not to mention these are just goth bands. What about those in the top that aren't goth? ;)


This was fun. Haven't listened to my music in a while. I apologize in advance if the videos go away in the future. I'll try to get different ones if that happens.

Info on the challenge here.

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