Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's try again

I'm starting this blog over. Hear me out, please.

...As you, yes you who subscribe to this blog and/or visit (!) on occasion (!?), may have noticed, this blog isn't at all what I had meant for it to be. It wasn't as bad earlier in the year, but things have severely landslided since. (Is landslided even a word?) So I've decided, hell with this. I'm going to make this blog exactly what it has become: a more personal blog focused on my literal struggles during these hard times I'm going though. (The things I've bitched about aren't even half of it.) So I changed the name of the URL and the blog itself. The old Babybat Rants have changed to a new blog that is currently...empty. I hope to use it in the (near) future when I am...well.

It's another early morning. Made breakfast for those men I call my brother and father, as well as myself, and...the sun is rising. Lovely. It really is a bummer Ramadan had to start on the very first day of August. I had hoped to do so much since I have this whole month off of school. Now all I want to do is sleep all day and stay home. Ugh.

*Ahem* To begin a more...interesting...discussion, I've been thinking about some things since this month started. Like that new goth/alternative club that I found out about a few days ago or so. Tonight is the night it's opening its doors for the month. Most annoying thing is that even if it wasn't Ramadan, I still wouldn't be able to go. But I think I mentioned and explained that already in my last post...

I told my mom. I told my friend, Eedi. I Support for not just this mental shit I'm going through now, but also the community sort. I need people I can be me around, the real, true me and would be willing to go with me if I were to go to an alternative event. So what I need to do is *dun dun dun* network.

....I have no frigging idea how to network.

Been hoping blogging would be a start, as well as joining the Connecticut cult on VampireFreaks, but...erm, I think there's more I need to do...

Uh...have I ever mentioned I'm socially (as in dealing with people) inept? I just don't know what to do. Help? Anyone?

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