Monday, August 15, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 9

Possible last GC's day until I learn more on my home situation...

Day Nine: What genre of music do you dislike?

Since it says "dislike" and not "hate" or "refuse to listen to", I shall be honest and admit I'm not fond of (American) pop and hip-hop. Now, don't get me musical library is extremely diverse. I'm also a fans of Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, Gorillaz, DJ OZMA, and HOME MADE Kazoku, especially the first three, so I can't say I hate the genre. I'm just not going to go looking for music of said genres, unlike what I constantly do for metal, rock, etc.

Like many genres I don't fancy, with it comes to hip-hop I'm picky and weird. There's only one song by Rihanna I like (Disturbia~!), I overall like the Black Eyed Peas, Beastie Boys, (the above previously mentioned artists/groups), I really like Cupid's Cupid Shuffle, a few Mary J. Blige songs I really like, even one Snoop Dogg song, like that most of the time and what I hear around my community? Hell no. Not Lil' Jon, not Ludacris, not Lil' Mama, not Chris Brown...though I will honestly admit a lot of pathetic/trash hip-hop songs have AWESOME beats/tunes. Case in point? That horrendous song Get Low. I still hear that song and wish ever so wistfully that it had better lyrics to such an amazing beat...*shudders* I know more about that song than I ever wished I knew. I'd rather just hear it point blank like they do in ICP songs.

As for pop, well...I have no idea what the deal is there. First of all, the only American pop bands/artists I can think of that I even have one song of in my music library...they literally only have one song in my library. The ones right and only in my head right now are Lady GaGa's Bad Romance (LOVE the music video and lyrics!!) and Ke$ha's Tik Tok (love the tune). Not many, I know...Even I think there has to be more...??

Weirdest thing of all is that if you were to look into my music library, you'll see a lot of pop from other countries...Maybe I'm prejudiced, le gasp.

And...I think that's it. I don't dislike country, jazz, opera, as I have likes in all of those, but the above mentioned genres are my least liked.

Info on the challenge here.

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