Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

I'm not even going to comment on that "a" stereotype part. Did she seriously...?

  • Probably the most typical of loved cliches, I love Halloween. Love it. It also, however, frightens me, but that's partly due to what Muslims are told about Halloween (or at least I know I was). Let's just say that next time you run into someone dressed like a wraith, that might not be someone and more on the lines of something. I've had a fascination with Halloween since I was young, amiss everything, but more of the Halloween aesthetic (and the colors~!) than the whole modern-day traditions of Halloween. Also...Halloween has rules. Respect them or stay home. Like I do. 
  • The first time I ever tried dark makeup was during a girls' gathering in my community. Instead of lipstick, I put khol on my lips and down my eyes and corners of my mouth in lines like what I've learned is called "the Crow" look. That's not what inspired it. Long before I saw the movie, I had/have a love for jesters and harlequins. I consider that a carny/circus sort of look. What is the big hubbub about that look if its done right...? Sure, its overused, but hey, cliches are cliches for a reason. Look at how many goths love Halloween.
  • Black. All black. Favorite color in the universe. Now that I know what the interior of a house would look if all black, I'm even reconsidering not painting my house or at least one room all black and white. I'll talk more about this soon, it makes me so excited.
  • I've always dreamed of myself to be the friendly neighborhood "witch doctor" once I get into herbal, homeopathic and macrobiotic foods. I'll be like that hippy/witch who lives in a creepy or intimidating looking house who is one hundred percent those who deserve it...and as long as I'm not bothered. I don't know if this is a cliche or not...aside from it dealing with witches.
  • I like skulls and bats, but within reason. 
  • I'm not a very happy person at first glance. People, even literal strangers on the street have told me to smile and asked why I look so "sad" or "angry". I don't mean to look that way, I just prefer a neutral, expressionless face. My emotions, however, will write themselves all over my face like a mood ring unless I put effort into doing otherwise. I will also happily admit I do not like to smile. I almost hate smiling. I'd rather stay neutral or smirk. Grinning is optional, depending on the situation and why. Of course, when I'm genuinely happy or other, I'll do all that smiling or slight smiles on my own. But just smiling? For no reason that I see? That....that is what I almost hate.
  • I have a fascination with cemeteries, but that goes along with Halloween (even though my love for Halloween is greater). In some ways, they also frighten me. 
  • Black makeup all the time (if I could). Or more so black and white makeup, my favorite combination.
  • I like to be left alone.
  • I actually do very much like dark and disturbing things.

And now the anti-cliches: things that are usually loved by goths or other darkly inclined but I cannot stand...
  • Spiders. Right here at the top so everyone knows it. I. Am. SEVERELY. Arachnophobic. Pictures of them will frighten me and stop me from entering a room just as much as a real life one, no matter what size. I've had nervous breakdowns over the tiniest of spiders. I can seem to have a very fortunate built-in spider sense that allows me to spot them no matter what size. Believe me. My whole family can testament.
  • I believe vampires are overrated, or perhaps the words should be "have been incorrectly and pathetically portrayed in the media", especially within the last...oh...four years or so. High school vampires? Teen-aged vampires? No shadows? No Dracula unless bastardized by Hollywood?! FAIRIES?! Oh, I think I've died a little more inside...To sum it up, I don't like:
    • True Blood
    • The Vampire Dairies
    • The Twilight movies (the books were good, though overall still...not the "true" vampires, of course)
    • Blade
    • Dracula 2000, Dracula II, Dracula III
    • I'm 50/50 on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • And I thought I was interested in Laurell K. Hamilton's vampire stories, but I'm beginning to doubt it...
Info on the challenge here.

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