Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*Insert holy book here*-thumpers

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother doing Google searches for "Muslim goth" and the like. It's disappointing, blood-boiling and seriously not something worth reading for one with a very open mind. Did I mention blood-boiling?

I've done a lot of searches for Muslima goths and I came upon something that pissed me off beyond being pissed off. So there's this blog by a Muslima researcher, tutor, etc, that I came upon by complete accident in which she answers a question someone gave her about the "ruling on dying the hair black". After the  rubbish that simply is rubbish about people who dye their hair black will "never smell the fragrance of Paradise", even if it is a Hadith (and an authentic one at that) and the semi-sense that it doesn't make sense for a woman (?!) to dye her hair black if she intends to fool someone about her age (yet a guy could if he wanted to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, oh, what lovely times those must have been), what really got my blood boiling was what she says at the end of this entry:
(That was probably a run-on sentence, but I don't care)

"This hadith actually reminded me of something else that has become common between the Muslim sisters i.e. dressing, and taking the Gothic fashion. Many Muslim sisters, and especially  teenagers are starting to dress or take Gothic fashion, such as black nail polish and black dye on hair, black lipstick… subhan Allah, many actually lie to  themselves and say I just think it looks nice. Sisters beware of imitating any group other than the righteous Muslims. The prophet peace be upon him said: “who so ever imitates a group, is one of them” narrated by Abu Dawood."

Damn fucking straight, I'm "one of them". But guess what, bloody? I always have. This is who I am, I'm not imitating anyone! Oh, so perhaps the fact that I see one of my alternative crushes and am inspired by their style/look and incorporate something like it into my own wardrobe/look I'm in really fucking trouble. Ohhhh, yeah, that makes all the sense in the universe. You know what really pisses me off, it's when she says "beware of imitating any group other than the righteous Muslims" and "many actually lie to themselves and say I just think it looks nice". What the fuck? What. The. FUCK? No, you see, I don't take shit like this and I don't care who said it or where it's from. Unless God himself is going to tell me I'm wrong —not Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and you did read that correctly— I just do not compute.

Righteous Muslims...HA! That reminds me of something that was rammed into my head when I went to Islamic school:

"We are the best because we worship Allah and enjoin the good and forbid the wrong"

And looking back on that now, that pisses me off. I hate self-righteous crap, no matter who said it of whatever religion or none at all.

I'm not articulate, but there are times when I wish I was so I could wonderfully dissect pissant righteous fools....

Holy book thumpers.

The lot of 'em....


  1. Why not take yourself over to the GOTH.NET forums. I know of a few Muslim Goth's there. :D

  2. At my old job there was a metalhead Muslim girl, who was always wearing band hoodies (Iron Maiden, Metallica, etc.), black nailpolish and thick black eyeliner, along with her hijab (always black, of course). She was being herself and not imitating anyone, and it was not making her "less" Muslim. There are the same prejudiced people among Christians, and even non-religious who say that you can't be goth past a certain age (I'm almost 30).