Monday, August 15, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 8 (late)

Due to the new changes in my...well, my life, I'm just going to do these two challenges in case I can't get back online for a few days to come...*le sigh*

Day Eight: What's your worst and best experience with non-Goths?

My worst...

My worst was when I was at a Youth Day event in my (Muslim) community. All of the girls were flipping out makeup and whatnot, so I decided to experiment with makeup and don a sort of "Crow" look, but I think I mentioned before I never saw it as the Crow's look per se. I consider it more of a...jester/harlequin/joker sort of look, which I love more than crows. Afterwards, parading proudly around mostly to get me a mirror, I was confronted by one of the older sisters who I've known since...I was seven, eight, nine, maybe? She loudly chided me for having a "Satanic" look and that I should have known better or someshat like that. Interestingly the only feeling I remember having was wishing she hadn't said what she said in front of her daughters and other younger girls. I kept the look for some time until it was time to put the makeup away.

Fortunately, some of the young women around my age were more open-minded about it and commented that I looked nice. Or something along those lines. I can't remember, but it was positive. They took my pic upon request...but that picture is probably long gone or floating about the internet and oh, so embarrassing. Right. Sure.

Best experience...

I can't remember.

Today's challenge to be uploaded next.

Info on the challenge here.

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