Sunday, August 14, 2011


At last (and this is sarcasm) we get back to the more depressing, irate subjects...

You may skip.

So. Dad comes in about twenty minutes ago with some boxes. Now, last week my Mom told me that we need to start packing since we're going to be moving soon, so this was something I was looking forward to since...well, we need boxes to start packing. Thing is, right after my dad brings the boxes in, he tells me we need to start packing...because we need to be out by tomorrow.

What. The. FUCKERY?!

Last time a stunt like this was pulled, we were evicted from the last place we lived at not even a year ago and got the eviction notice THREE DAYS before we had to leave! It was horrible! We ruined so many things because we were rushing to pack...things were lost...and the place we left behind was a wretched, embarrassing mess. It's going to be even WORSE than that! But forget that...

With the way he worded it, it sounds like we got evicted...AGAIN!

So. I may not be able to work on the Goth Challenge today, and maybe tomorrow or whatever, depending on how this goes...

I'm going to try to organize my room, now.

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