Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Goth Challenge: Day 25

Day Twenty-Five: Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Hells freaking NO! This is who I am, you know. I'm not changing me for anyone. And I consider myself not just part of the goth subculture. I wouldn't want to "leave" any of them. If anything, I would like to be a more prominent figure in the subcultures I like. I doubt I could ever be a model (but you never knoooow~) but I'm thinking something more along the likes of owner of an alternative-catering company (*COUGH*ProjectDV*COUGH) and simply someone who can be found at a lot of alternative events. you guys think I should add random pictures to my entries? I see a lot of blogs do that, though I never understood it...Why post the picture when it doesn't belong to you or has nothing to do with the entry? Well, sometimes I think it works. Like when posting a picture of, say, piercings you want to have...*ahem*

Also, I won't be able to post much else aside from the rest of these days of the Goth Challenge for a while. After that, I'll probably just post...whatever. I'll be operating from the library and I have a lot of catching up elsewhere online. I have no idea how long this no-internet thing is going to go for at home,'s not looking good.

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