Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Define: Devious, con't

The word "devious" has always been a favorite word of mine, even before I knew I liked it as much as I do. It's the only reason why deviantART interested me back in 2006...And it sounds strange, and although totally unrelated, but I always associated the word "devious" with mature, serious media and a dark, serious mindset.

So it all began around 2006, like said. I found deviantART and joined it in 2007 (my old accounts have since then been deleted...).  I was hoping dA to be a serious atmosphere sort of place, so I was genuinely disappointed when I realized it was more like...a seriously funny online community. Really, it is. If any thing "devious" about it, they do what no other art community site has done before. I can't even list the things, good and bad.
Since then, I've religiously looked for other online communities with mature and dark atmospheres...and have found none. There was one, but it wasn't what I was looking for. It wasn't nearly dark enough and more focused on Alice in Wonderland the way the first incarnation of Project DV was focused on Halloween. So, no, that won't work. I don't even remember its name...It might not even be around anymore. So, obviously, I've tried to make my own serious deviant site, to no avail, via PDV itself. It's gone through too many incarnations over the years...

But "devious". This word is usually used negatively. What is it about this word that interests me and sucks me in the way it does? Honestly, I don't know. If I wanted to be 'chievous about it, I could say because it begins with 'd', the way dark, different and devilish do. I like those words, too, within certain contexts. But I know for sure that's not the real reason. I know once upon a time, the word I always used was "unique". I used to use that word when I was in my tweens. But somehow I stumbled upon "devious" in my early teens and haven't looked back since.

I use the definitions of devious in a sort of rebellious way, taking its meanings of "not standard" and "indirect in departing from the accepted or proper way" to heart. It's like being different, you see. Best thing, like all things I associate with my nature, is just that. It's my nature to deviate. It's my nature to be devious. I don't need to fake or "act like" much of anything, amiss what it seems like sometimes. When I am inspired by another's personality and etiquette, it's because it's a part of me that I never really divulged into, always wanted to, and didn't know how to apply it into the real world. I needed to see an example.

Project DV began...around 2006 as well. PDV is my life's work. Everything I do is to help PDV in some way or another, whether financially or for divisions and subsidiary projects. It is the hub of my deviousness. And it all started because damn ol' deviantART wasn't what I was looking for, so I thank thee. At the moment, it's more of a...work in development...but it has locations online that give plenty of a general idea of what I hope for it to be in the future. At least, I think so.

Related to the word "deviant", I've also used "darkness", as in the darker side of life. I accept and encourage those interested in it to go for it. It's always been a part of who I am, a dark interest. It all started with Halloween, thus the reason why the first incarnation of PDV was Halloween-related.

To this day, Halloween reminds me of how it all began, my true interest in the darker side of life and my realization that I dared to be different. And that started with noticing how different from my peers I was, and of course, still am to this day.

Another definition of devious I use is one I've made up myself. As mentioned further above, I use it to mean something or a person related to darkness, maturity and a serious "atmosphere", all of the things I enjoy but find hard to come upon nowadays. I know there are people like that out there, and I myself aren't always this devious, but it's the general makeup of who I am (...after sarcastic and witty).

I never really noticed it before, but I've taken one word and completely reinvented it to my liking and incorporated it into everything I do. This is why Project DV is my life's work. It was spawned from my love, my nature to deviate. When I think about it, dream about it, I can see a future with me being my devious self like nobody's business and being a strong believer in Islam. Might sound funny, or "wrong", in the same sentence (Islam and devious, that is), but hey. This is me. I reinvented the word.

For Mei.

Be proud. Be devious!

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