Sunday, April 17, 2011

I know my Burando

Ehehe...I did some last-minute desperate, serious searching for lolita clothes that actually appeal to me. I don't know why the hell I never did this before. It's common sense, for crying out loud! So I visited all of my old links I made in a Google document...and came upon over ten brands I can honestly say I like....a LOT. Like I said, I could give a flying about whether or not these are replicas, how popular they are or whether people use them for cosplays. It's all about how well they're made. You can get away wearing clothes made for cosplay if they're made well enough no one would even think twice about it.

Unfortunately, but to be expected, they are hella expensive. Over $400, one outfit set was, and you couldn't get it separately. Damn, huh? Overall, everything is over $100 - $200 going into the $400s. But...Inshallah...*ahem* Well, I am getting into designer clothes, whether I like it or not. I just got finished adding an amazing designer to my...Truly Wish-list. That makes three designer brands I like...and if I'm not mistaken, this other one that's Japanese might also be considered designer...

But that's not the point.

Fact of the matter is, I know where they are (online, that is), they ship overseas and...I like them. So here are the names of the Japanese gothic lolita/aristocrat clothes I suggest to other serious lovers of these styles!
Feast your eyes on:
  • Ozz on Japan, from Japan, of course. They have three brand names, all of which are very original and unique. They are rather very expensive for the average person (like me), but have a good range of prices; I think I saw a shirt that was about $30? Pay with PayPal. It ships overseas via Tenso, apparently. I guess it's not as easy as I thought...It's actually pretty complicating, in fact!
  • QutieLand, from China. This is even better than Fan+Friend, and you know how I ranted how much I loved them. They have...really nice sweet and dark clothes, but it all depends on how you wear it. I can't believe what I found here that I like. Pay with PayPal. Shipping is...expensive, overall. Brands they carry I like:
    • Rose Melody
    • Dear Celine
    • R-Series
    • Infanta
    • DollcroPs (hats only, so far)
    • Surface Spell Gothic
    • Classical Puppets
    • Yolanda (it's out of stock last I checked)
  • Milky-Ange (also at Rakuten), from Japan. VERY expensive. They have such original, GORGEOUS outfits. I'd only get clothes from one section, the long maid dresses, along with over-knee socks. I wouldn't wear the dresses with the aprons or hats, and there ya go~ No one would be the wiser! Pay with PayPal.
  • Tenkai-Japan, from Japan. Pay with PayPal. Brands they carry I like:
    • Deorart
    • Alice Garden [accessories]
    • osewaya [accessories]
    • SNOB [accessories)
  • Moi-meme-Moitie, from Japan. Very expensive, but it's to be expected. Gorgeous clothes. I've only seen three colors: blue/violet-blue/purple-blue, black, white, and silver for the jewelry. I can so dig~ Pay with PayPal.
Examples of clothes from these stores I find perfect:

Ozz on Japan: Ozz Croce

Ozz on Japan: Ozz Onest

Ozz on Site: Ozz Angelo

the lower half of this skirt is bothering me a little...but I still like it

Also available in white

Also available in black


Sister Leticia

Minerva Maid Sister

Sister Trinity, long vers.; sold out at Rakuten! T-T Also in white

Since these dresses are long enough, this would be the real petticoat I'd wear underneath— y'know, the type that makes sitting down difficult! You can even change it to make different styles, like ballroom, a-line and drape!

3-stage long petticoat

 ...I'd have pictures from QutieLand, but the pictures still don't work.


Long Corset Dress

Angora Ribbon Bolero

Long Bustle Corset Skirt with waterproof finish

Shirring Ribbon Blouse; also in white?

Tenkai-Japan: Deorart

Lame Butterfly Print Custom Bandana

Cross Printed Frock Checkered Custom Bandana

Double Wristband

Tenkai-Japan: SPECCHIO

Shuttle Pleat Mellow Frill Neck Sleeveless Sequined Top

Shuttle Pleat Flared Skirt

Crystal Pleat Mermaid Skirt

Shuttle Pleat Drape Bolero Jacket


Neck Belt Long Gilet

Long Overskirt

Double Wide Pants

At last. Lolita and aristocrat brands I LIKE!!! I can't believe I finally found 'em! See that lace? I actually like it! WHEEEE—

This sucks.

How long will it take, I wonder...?

...Well. I can, for one, say that I'll be buying from Fan+Friend, Ozz Croce, Ozz Onste, and Ozz Angelo first. Maybe Rakuten, aside from Demonia and Pleaser, for shoes if I can manage scraping together over $600...again.

Pray, Mary. Pray and stay focused...It isn't completely impossible...Get a job...get a money...

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