Sunday, April 17, 2011


Just reminding myself of what to do tomorrow, since I at least visit this blog every day.

Tomorrow, Monday, I wake up early and begin cleaning my room or the kitchen. Either one will do, but I'll probably stick with my room so I can listen to my tunes (that is, after Dad leaves). the same time, I should get the kitchen out of the way since it's easier. Yeah. Dad might be here for a while, anyway.

Don't forget to remind him about grocery shopping and ordering products from Melaleuca before he leaves.

Just before twelve, eat lunch, if possible. Once twelve o'clock comes around, go out to the library and stay there until 2:00 or so. Then come home and begin working on room, if haven't already started before leaving...

Around 6:00 PM, if I haven't gotten too distracted (which is inevitable), begin working on those damn packets! Can't forget all I've learned or I'm SCREWED!!

Mph. I just realized I haven't really ranted about anything worthy of ranting about in a few days. Feels kind of strange. It seems as if my daily...schedule, going out to school every day and whatnot, gave me plenty of time to think of things to rant about. I've got nothing right now...

That's another thing.

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