Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Lolita & Why I Can't

That is, of lolita and why I can't let it go.

It's true. All of my past rants are true. There's so much I've seen of lolita nowadays that I just can't stand and find to be major turnoffs to...most of the styles. I shun sweet, that's for sure, especially over-the-top deco/sweet/whatever. *Rolls eyes* I'm not saying I wouldn't treat a girl/boy in these styles badly, ya nut. I mean I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the styles myself. Nothing frilly, nothing pink or pastel, nothing "cute", and do not get me started on those poses and being a princess. I like certain crowns, but not like that. In fact, to be honest, I never called myself or wanted to be a princess...

I remember wanting to be a ballerina when I was little. The closest thing I ever said to "princess" was "I want to be like Pocahontas". And my mom and I agree that that's far from what most girls consider "a princess". The closest thing to a princess I was called was a Jungle Goddess by my mom, which again, as you can see, is far from what most girls consider a princess, though not in the way you think. Y'see, I was one with my Native American/African roots. *Ahem* That is, I loved my origins and loved the fact that we were proud people with an amazing culture...Are, that is...I loved the idea of living in the forests and being one with nature and all of that loveliness I still admire today, even though I discovered years ago I'm more of a beach person than a forest person. But, yeah, I had my moment. It was dead before I turned nine, but yeah, I remember it. Surprisingly...

And that is why I can't get over lolita completely. I still love it as a whole, but...*cringes* NOT like THAT and NOT THOSE STYLES. *Exhales* I shudder, I shudder...
My mom agrees with me. If the lolita style was as...known...as it is today twenty years ago, yeah, she probably would have had me in that style when I was a lil' one. Pink and fluffy as all get-out, more than what my grandmother had for me already. And I completely agree, amiss my interests today. Only thing is, if I were to have a little girl, I'd dress her up to be a lil' sweet gothic princess. Lil' girls gotta be lil' girls~

Though I grew out of my princess phase years ago and see no regression anytime in my future whatsoever, the general love for lolita will have a place in my heart. So I'll never really be able to give it up. Also, believe it or not (though understandably), most of the lolita blogs I read are sweet lolita. Pink, pastels, prints, everywhere. Only one blog off the top of my head is seriously gothic lolita/aristocrat and the only other gotic aristocrat community is dead. I even enjoy reading those sweet lolita blogs, even if I'm not planning on using them as examples. Of course, I did stop reading most since I...couldn't...*ahem* cope, but I'm not a snob, amiss how I rant and what sometimes comes out of my mouth (which I am aware of how it sounds). Bitch? Yes, I can be, and I'm not ashamed of it.

Long live the princess, whether dark or light, figuratively, literally, or only able to relate, in the hearts of girls.

I can completely relate.

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