Monday, April 11, 2011

Of Prints I Like

I know. After my rant about prints, you'd think I'd stay clear away from any sort of print!! No, that was only about lolita dresses, which unless I stumble upon something very nice, I'll rarely go into again. *Ahem* Generally, yes. I do dislike prints. I'd rather have a solid color more than anything, maybe with some designs of another one color, and maybe even one image. Solid colors make up most of my wardrobe. At the moment.

From Little Chili Shop

These fucking awesome shorts with legwarmers are a good example of other designs I like. I'm not sure what these are called. As for actually wearing the style, period, yes I would. I would wear leggings to cover the bare lower thigh, but I'd still wear these mofos. The top is okay, but I'm really diggin' those shorts w/legwarmers. Mm mm mm mm MM.

In fact, I have a shirt now that I could wear with these already. It's my short short no-sleeved shirt I was talkin' aout...Hm. Maybe not, but...

These armwarmers might be too light in color, but might go with the whole mental ensemble~

From Zen and Coffee

See~? Colors!

The black print, I like~

I like the black lace on this top. It's fucking gorgeous. It's eye-catching and the white dominates...

The design on the pantsleg in here doesn't bother me. It matches and is only in one location...It's not overkill.

This is...OVERKILL. GET ME A JOB, DAMNIT! The subtle design on the elegant...~ This is one of my DREAM jackets. It'll probably be all sold out by the time I can actually buy it one day, too...

Another nice design that isn't intrusive. Mm MM, that TOP~ Ya Allah help me.

Well, I think you get the gist of the prints I like. So, sure, I love prints. Just...*shudder* NOT THOSE TYPE. I need to stop going back to this...

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