Thursday, April 14, 2011

What this blog's about

Yeah. I touch up on it in my first entry and somewhat in About Mei, but I like making entries and clarifying things to avoid stupid conflicts and conversations.

This isn't an advice blog, which I think is obvious. Noo, I'm much too opinionated to give good advice to others, unfortunately. Trying to work on that. But perhaps I just need more experience...

This is my place to publicly rant, whether someone is listening or not, and my place to record said rants for reference. That's just how I work. I'm also using this to archive my ascent to accomplishing my ultimate dream...

So yeah, I say some pretty mean things that offend or insult, cuss unnecessarily many times and seem like I'm three years younger than I actually am. I'm being me, and I am brutally honest. I use language because I do. That's just how I speak...when I write. When I actually talk to someone, you'll notice a difference. I can seem like many different people depending on what I'm doing. In 90% of my mindsets, I would love to curse when I see fit, but I was raised differently. I like to keep things like that on paper and only curse when necessary in real life. The other 10% of my mindsets I'm more aware of than them actually being mindsets like the others. That 10% is more like...a guideline to my mindsets.

As for "what about those who read" said blog? Well, read at your own risk. I'm not trying to make any enemies here, but I might hurt your feelings. I don't name names, though I think I at least give you the general direction of said persons I might be talking about, if I talk about anyone at all. Usually, I take my topics from personal experiences, everyday matters, wonderings, dreams, aspirations, and observations...but not people themselves.

...I'm a bit pissed off right now because I accidentally blew of a whole $20 by buying a mistake and buying a cheap umbrella due to sheer stupidity.

Random fuming is random.

In the future, I hope for this blog to have a new name. What I'll call it, I have no idea. Had some, but lost them. Hopefully, there will be no need for it to be surrounded by rants as it is now. God willing, it'll be more of of a devious Muslima blog. And yes, I do want emphasis on the fact that I'm a Muslim. I want others to know that they can be Muslim and dark at heart, too~ As you can see, I'm not ramming anything down anyone's throat...I'm just opinionated...

So. I'll come up with some future names, since I like making up names and titles...but in the meantime, I need to get going to the library. I might finish some old entries while I'm there, if possible, before going to school.

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