Thursday, April 14, 2011


Two things that show the stupidity of men and mankind in general.

Yesterday an event on the bus resulted in the driver calling 911. Why? Because an asshole cussed at him after the driver specifically told him NOT to cuss at anyone.

The idiot done walked to the back of the bus with a loud "FUCK YOU, BITCH~!" So. Lovely Idiot #1 sits his lil' behind down while the driver calls 911. But then, upon realizing the man was darned serious, gits off an' goes alllll the way down the street to a completely bus (and bus number) entirely. But does Mr. Sensitive Bus Driver take off? NO! He done called his supervisor, too! But no one wants to wait for the "po-po" so some funny kid who seriously reminded me of Miyavi-sama somehow hailed down an officer that was coming by and said officer come on the bus. Mr. Sensitive points out...offenders...who "threatened" him and said offenders, some who I believe were innocent, were told off the bus. So then Mr. Sensitive's friggin' supervisor comes as well as the police officer who was called up.

Long story short, it was stupid. All of it was. The whole thing could have been avoided if only an idiot shutted the fuck up and listened to the request of the driver.

Those who were told off included:
  • 1 idiot
  • 1 girl who people said was innocent
  • 1 young mother who was only kicked off because she said...or complained...that she had children to get; this bothered me, that she had to get off just because of that...
And many more, about three, counting Idiot #1.

And THEN. Today the same Mr. Sensitive comes and WHAT happens?? The girl everyone from yesterday said was innocent gets on and...Mr. Sensitive doesn't want to leave the bus stop. The bus isn't moving. What the...? Was he seriously holding a grudge for the actions of a person others said didn't even happen? I wasn't paying attention, so I don't remember (as I was writing the whole thing down), but...seriously?? And then holding up the bus service for twenty minutes....AGAIN just because of it?! That's just plain STUPID!

Once the next freaking bus came, everyone was about to get off...except the girl did first. So people sat back down. Some didn't care and were so outraged that they got off and went to the other bus anyway. I was going to sit back down myself...I waited until the girl was out of sight...and watched Mr. Sensitive as other passengers asked if he was going to go at last. But what happens instead? Well, did I mention how rude Mr. Sensitive was/is? So he completely ignored them. I mean literally. 100%, no exaggeration. And at that same split second, I remembered yesterday even after Idiot #1 left, we still ended up waiting for the police and the stupid superviser. So I got off the damn bus and went to the next one. I, thankfully, have a 31-unlimited local ride bus pass.

It was mildly entertaining yesterday...but just plain stupid and annoying today.

I hope to never have to ride a bus driven by that man again.

Men are so stupid.

Now on to the main topic...

Humans. Lately I've been people watching more than I ever have before. I look up to that sly fox Gin for inspiration. 'Course, I'm nowhere near his supurb...manipulation and clever skillz, but...I'll get there. And I promise I'll be nice about it~ No, really, I swear. But the thing is...humans...disgust me. Generally. Sure, we're nice people. Sure, we can be nice people. But I look at myself, even, and I can't stand it, sometimes...

I'd go into a rant about this, but I'm not exactly sure how to put it into words. I'm recently realizing my disgust with humankind so...

I'll think about talking about it more once I've laundered it over in my head.

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