Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growin' Up Styles

There's much I'd like to post tonight. I finished what I think is all of my homework...they didn't specifically sign anything to me...

*Ahem* Enough of that. This is my first picture-heavy post for two reasons. One is because once again I've taken a step away from my lolita craze! I'm fully establishing myself into more aristocratic styles, not saying I won't have some lolita ensembles here, too. Of course. The second reason is because...well, I want to see products from Bodyline, Cosmates and Fan+Friend altogether. Of the three, though, I have to say Fan+Friend is the absolute best. F+F has amazing stuff, I have to say. I don't GET why none of the lolitas I've seen in communities have ever bought the best! They always chose the same old, same old: prints and boring stuffs! UGH.

Right. Needless bashing that is rude and unnecessary...

So on to the posts! The few lolita things and more aristocratic/gothic pieces I like from Bodyline, Fan+Friend and Cosmates. Hail Fan+Friend...

Let's start from what I think is "worst" to "best".

 This JSK would make for a nice dress-shirt to wear with pants, if it falls nicely. It's also the only one not so obviously lolita. That's why I like it.

I really don't know what to think of this cape. I wish the cross and chains were in silver. I'll have to think about this one, but it'd do nicely with aristocrat. I'm worried about how long it'd be, though.

Honestly, this coat is...okay. I'll have to think about it.

 A decent-looking top. I could care less about the skirt and everything else.

  Via Fan+Friend. Must I explain why I like this?

Both chains via Fan+Friend. I like chains. Go fig.


All of these hats look really decent. Hopefully their prices are worth it.


Via Cosmates. Looks like something my mom has...I kinda like it. Looks decent...*frowns* Hopefully it is.

 Via Cosmates. Simple. I'll go back to see what it's made of...

Best thing about this is that it has no sign of a bow or lace or shat. The one in the middle is removable and...there is a bow under the cape, but I'd get it off. Grr. This really is too gorgeous to pass up. Also, it's also not so obviously lolita like most things. I'd get it in black, though.

Versatile long undervest. Always something to have.

This is so gorgeous it should be a sin. What's the matter with those lolitas?

Tuxedo jacket! Not too many frills! Just enough. This is...*melts*~ Brown looks good, too.

This looks more like a gilet, but I'm not complainin'!

Been looking for something like this for years.

WOW! Goes nicely with corsets!

Even my brother likes this one.

....Speechless. It's...too damn gorgeous. Many colors for it, too.

Pants and skirt. My favorite bottom combination.

It looks plain, but it's so damn versatile~!

Not a good color here, but this is actually pretty nice. Not necessary, though, so I might delete it from here...

Can you say Trinity Blood?

 Comes in black, too.


Not...a good color, but it comes in others. It's nice and casual.

A steel bone corset~?

This is wonderfully casual, yet deeply elegant. Can be formal, too.

Was meant to be layered...

...with this lovely mofo~!

As you can see, I adore Fan+Friend. I hope to buy much from them in the future, Inshallah.

As for more lolita pieces I like, here are some I adore from QutieLand. [EDIT] Came to view it again (next day, this is) and...the pictures aren't coming in. WHY?!

Well. When it comes to Japanese clothes, I surely know what my favorite brands are, now. All of these...except Bodyline and Cosmates. Cosmates has stuff from Bodyline and Fan+Friend, for crying out loud, and barely anything of their own. But when they make for nice backup stores...but I'll probably be buying locally and from F+F first. 

Next I'll work on more American brands. Maybe won't have another severely picture-heavy post, but...I'll think of something.

I meant to write other entries today, but...I've already done a lot. That and I need to stop being on T2.L (my laptop) so much. *Sigh* This week has been full of him as a distraction (yes, I give my electronics genders, usually male). Something had happened today and I meant to post about it...Meh.

On to the next one!

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