Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What society has done to girls

Inspired by something I said in this entry, I've decided to take up that rant that was begging to show itself that day. What I said was:
...I have discovered something interesting.

...I'm smaller than I thought. more bread after this week; two sandwiches with two slices of bread and a sub is my breakfast, lunch and dinner, today.
It's true. I don't like eating too much bread even though my mom and I seriously think we have a Bread Curse or something (we love bread! TOO MUCH!!). It's the same with anything. I don't like too much of anything, except liquids. I love liquids more than anything. Juices...~ If I had my way, I'd be on a liquid diet for most of my life...just because. But I do like eating certain foods, too...only because they're disgusting when liquidized.

But I look at it, and even when I wrote it, I knew that society is to blame for girls and women to have a mindset like this. To worry so much when once upon a time, bread was a staple food. Sure, they did a hell of a lot more physical work back then compared to now, but still. Listen to me. It's a shame, really. But this is what society has done to us!

Everything is about being thin, thin, thin, skinny, skinny, skinny with that stupid Barbie-smooth skin that most real people don't have or had when they were children but everyone knows skin doesn't stay that way forever...Or does "everyone"? Some girls are still desperate to get that perfect skin, that Barbie-girl look. That's why everything is fake. Fake eyes, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake nose, fake hair (FUCK fake hair), fake ass, and fake breasts. Fuck those, too. I understand wearing certain mentioned *ahem* fake crap on specific occasions (and you know what I'm talking about), but...all the time, the way people do? FUCK. THAT!!

I passionately hate anything fake aside from the ones mentioned in my aforementioned entry. Those three only: nails, eyelashes and contacts for "fake eyes". Anything else ain't touchin' me. And hair. Shame on people. Fake-ass hair. Why're you wearin' a wig when you've got hair, huh? Start touchin' 'em wigs and things get too costumey to me. Sure, I love a plethora of people and actors and bands and musicians, and blah, blah, blah...blah. Blah blah. Shall we continue in the language of blah? This is me. Fucking crap. Bad enough I like and want those three fake craps. So I can't deal with any more. As for if I were to go bald? Only THEN would I get a wig and I'd stick within the boundaies of REALISM, people!!

I'm going off into a different rant...
Back on subject.

So. Society has made it such that girls are becoming obsessed with their bodies at too-young, much too early years of their lives. Sixteen year olds having breast implants? Nose jobs? SIX-FUCKING-TEEN YEARS OLD!! Their bodies are still growing! You'll hamper your own development doing shit like that! I don't know who started it or when it really started, but this has got to stop. And don't even get me started on African American women. Attacking ourselves, as if we needed any more reason to attack ourselves!

Got people now having extensions for LOCKS. Do you have any idea how OUTRAGEOUS and pathetic that is? Switched to locks to go natural and be separate from those who wanted the STRAIGHT HAIR look and then BADA BING! Now you can't even look at locks without thinking "Are those real?"!!! That's an OUTRAGE! Don't get it, just don't get it! Got African American women asking white men if it's "alright" if they have their locks in a working environment! I don't have the time, patience and am too tired to look this shiz up, but it's out there and it's just sad.

Sure. Okay. So it's true that to this day sorts of descrimination happen in the workplace and otherwise. But for the love of all thing's sacred! Oh, no, wait! Nothing is sacred!

I just...I'm just disgusted. All of this nonsense. Young girls are growing up believing you've "got" to have plastic surgery...Young women in my own community thinking leg hair is "nasty". It's fucking natural, you mainstream-tuned automaton. Underarm hair, pubic hair, leg hair, arm hair...! I'd love to find a man who understands that even women have hair in the same damned places they have and that it's okay. It's OKAY. They're not any less beautiful. I was fortunately raised to understand this. Sure, wax the underarm and pubic hair. Wax the leg hair. I like my arm hair, thanks. But don't freak out about it!! IT'S NATURAL! Girls have hair, too. And it ain't just on their damned heads and "DOWN THERE". It's in just as many places as men, just less, in most cases. Chin, chest, face, fingers, legs, nose, and if you were exposed to it, you'd know better. So I guess not everyone can help it.

But this "new" society sure as hell ain't helping in the "exposure" department.

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