Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Of Short Shirts & Staying Modest

Today I am wearing one of the new dress-shirts I bought last week (?), the shortest one, in fact. Standing up, it comes just below my buttocks, but when I bend allll the way over, you can see my bottoms! Oh noes! Now it wouldn't be quite this short if it hadn't been ruined inside, but I still like it. I plan on wearing it outside today. Of course, my dad gave me The Look™, but he's going to have to get used to it just as much as I will. For instance, at Job Corps, they have a uniform. It's a short shirt. I'd have to wear bellowing pants with those, but still. Short shirt that doesn't even go past the hips, unlike this shirt. I'm comfortable with it, which is what really matters, and my pants aren't too tight, but still pretty...shapely, I will admit. And my brother said so, too, even though he thinks I'm overreacting...

Man, I wish I could take a picture...

I used to frown at other Muslimas who wore short shirts and tight-ass jeans. The tight-ass jeans part, I still do, somewhat (or more like sigh and roll my eyes in resignation), but not the shirt part. Short shirts...Some of us girls are going to have to wear it in the workplace or in some situation at least once. It's inevitable for some. But you can still stay modest! For instance, not wearing *ahem* said tight-ass jeans...
Because everyone wears jeans.
Damn skinny jeans.
Why jeans, anyway? They aren't even attractive with the way most people wear them...*sigh*

I'm going to go out in about thirty minutes. Just thought I'd vent a little bit about this. Because I don't want to look at other girls like that anymore. They have their reasons. I have my reasons. I still prefer long shirts that are at least to the knees, but...hey. Whatever happens happens. I'm still wearin' my hijab, still rockin'. So live on!

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