Friday, April 8, 2011

My spin on the lolita fashion

I, too, am surprised how often I keep coming back to this style...

My personal spin on what I originally thought of the style before I was bombarded by the...stuff. I was reminded about this after my previous lolita-related entry. As I said,
When I pictured lolita, I always saw it as doll-like, delicate and elegant.
Not childish, which is what I've seen a lot of online and elsewhere. Also, this whole entry is just more of my acknowledgement of my interest in lolita, as much as I'd adamantly deny it, and might or would so much rather wear in the future, Inshallah. Wanna try it out? Go on...but I'd like to see it done RIGHT, like how EGL and EGA are "politically correct" for when you wear Mana-sama's brand, you know what I mean?

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Best example of this style? Mana-sama, of course. Not even his protégé, Kanon Wakeshima, is a good example, because she's more sweet and classic, to me. The style probably has a name, but I love naming things, especially styles, and even more so when I wear/make them up. So I temporarily dub it...gothic guignolita....That sounds HORRIBLE! But it sounded better in my head, y'know. Whatever. GG. I'll keep that as a dub, for now, not a "final" name. Or guignolita for short...and even poppita.

The first name is a merging of Guignol, which is actually a French puppet, with lolita, of course. However, I also like to use good ol' Guignol's name for puppets in general, as I do the word "popet", which is a chiefly British term for a darling when spelled poppet, but comes from the Middle English term meaning a puppet, small child or, in this case, a doll. I like both dub names, really~ They're just...really weird, I guess.

So. What are poppita and guignolita? Well, they're exactly how I envisioned lolita in the very beginning, as I said before. Decadent...elegant...sophisticated...mature...and not cure as much as dark and/or eerie/creepy, no matter what color you wore. Overall, though, it can be categorized under or related to gothic and aristocrat, as both styles can be incorporated. The poppita manner is defined by an ethereal elegance in movement and soft words, if ever, and very doll-like overall. Stiff movement is saved for guignolita, where one cannot move well on their own without help from their strings...

Doesn't matter what other theme you in corporate into guignolita and poppita, meaning ero, wa, kodona, ouji, aristocrat, qi, and even punk when done RIGHT, which would make for a more cirque look (as well as ero, in some ways).'d be cirque in place of punk, but they're pretty much the same...when done right.

Since of course it'd be so dull and somewhat droll to stay stiff and the like, and even I wouldn't want to do that all the time, personally, I would just be mindful of what I was wearing and how I was acting...

...It's hard to explain. I know what I see in my head and I know what I'm talking about but...explaining it is difficult. All I can say is that I don't really look at the lolita style the way I did before. Sure, don't get me wrong, I've seen a good plethora of fantastic lolita styles I'd love to have incorporated into my (future) wardrobe.

Just...noooooooo....I'm in denial! I don't want to be a lolita!! Aristocrat! Aristocrat.....!!

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